COMPOSITE HOSE: Cryo Master and Marine Master


Cryo Master

inner wire: stainless steel 316l


­ 200 degree celcius to + 80 degree celsius

constructed material: designed with FEP extruded tubular and mylar­polyester film additional multi layers of polyamide fabrics and film liner or polyester fabric and film

cover: weather­proof abrasion resistant of polyester/polychloroprene

aplication: specially designed as transfer hose in the produstion, destribution and use of listed in chap XIX

IMO Gas carrier code: cryogenic conveyants and liquefied gases under pressure at low temperature.

Cryo­master hose are used for the LNG road tanker loading and unloading application. Storage tank and in­plant transfer. Large bore hoses are used for ship to shore

Ship to ship applications. Cryogenic conveyants include the following products: ammonia, acetaldehyde, butadiene, butaaane/propane, butylene, carbon dioxide, dimethylamine, ethylamine, ethychloride, liquid ethane, liquid ethylene, liquid, methylacetylene, methylbromide, propylene, vinylchoride, refrigerant gases

Marine Master

inner wire: galvanized, galvanized polypropylene stainless steel, coated 316L

temperature: 40 degree celsius to + 80 degree celsius

constructed material: extra polypropylene tubes, films & fabrics added a bigger and higher density wire also available wih PTFE film and fabrics.

cover: weather­proof abrasion resistant made of polymeric coated polyester fabric

application: specially designed to convery under suction or pressure for various type of hydrocarbon and liquid chemicals. vacuum rating is 0.9 bars according to the EN ISO 7233 method B. marine master hoses are used typically for barge loading and unloading. ship to shore and other marine application.