• High strength terylene yarn and qualified pvc synthetics materialssunnyhose
  • Lightweight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth later
  • Flat roll and easy for take back, convenient for moving and non limitation for length
  • Capable for keeping the flexibility and elasticity under the low-temperature water
  • Anti hi-pressure, corrosion resistant and ageing resistant
  • Applied to the lines of the auxiliaries for agricultural tools against the drought, project, industry and so on, which is the most ideal liquid-transfered hi pressured hose
  • Applicable operation temperature 10 C ~ 60 C
  • Sunnyhose has the largest market share worldwide because users appreciate its high quality and economy. It is made of synthetic fibers and soft PVC in a continuous/one process production developed by Takata Corporation. It is a general purpose hose, consistently high in quality, and available in long lengths. It is designed for temporary water supply or drainage, for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation at farms.
  • The large diameter Sunnyhose, 250 ~ 400mm, is ideal for use as drainage hose in emergency/flood/disaster situations when large quantities of water must be moved quickly.